Discord brings “noise supression” for Android app

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One of the things that people enjoy about gaming messaging turned instant messaging app Discord is the voice chat feature. In the age of physical distancing, we need all the help we can get to communicate with loved ones even as we can’t still meet in person. The problem with the mobile app version is the audio quality leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you’re in a noisy area. Now Discord is bringing the noise suppression through a partnership with Krisp.ai.

Actually, a couple of months ago, Discord introduced noise suppression for the desktop version. But now, they’re one of the first for the mobile chat apps to bring this feature as well, which is pretty useful for those who are outside where there will be a lot of background noises that may disturb your voice chats. With this new feature, you can do away with all the non-voice sound elements that may be around you.

Krisp uses machine-learning to filter out any noise that comes into your phone or earphones and detects those that are non-human, like a dog barking, a lawnmower mowing, and a car honking. It is already baked in within the Discord app so all you have to do is enable the sound wave icon within the app and it should be able to filter out that background noise. “No matter what’s going on around you, your voice will be crisp and clear,” is their claim.

Discord has evolved from an app that gamers use to communicate with each other as they go on playing their games. They have actually raised $100 million in funding as they plan to expand into a tool that people will use for “day-to-day communication”. They are bringing improvements to the onboarding process and have increased the capacity for voice and video chat. In April, they said they saw a 50% growth in users as we all started to quarantine or shelter in place.

Discord’s noise suppression feature in partnership with Krisp is now available for both desktop and mobile users. If you’re interested in learning more about the technical aspects of this, you can go to their Help Center.

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