Digitize your photos with the best photo scanner you can buy

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Best Photo Scanners Windows Central 2019

There’s an abundance of photo scanners currently on the market, each promising to give you what you want: clear images, quick scan time, and a reasonable price. But what works best for you? Size, price, and quality all come into play in this roundup of the best options available now.

If we’re making some suggestions

Whether you need something that’s cheap but gets the job done, something high quality that will genuinely represent your physical photos in the digital realm, or something in between, there’s a photo scanner for you. If you’re still wondering where to turn, we can make some suggestions.

Unless you’re looking for professional-grade scans of your photos — which something like the Epson FastFoto FF-680W offers for an elevated price — the Canon CanoScan LiDE400 will handle just about everything other than film, and it’s available for a great price that will appeal to most people. It’s quick, it fits most documents, and it offers scans up to 4800 dpi to keep things looking crisp.

If you’d rather not be tied to a PC and don’t have space for a desktop photo scanner, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is a proven and versatile option. It runs on battery power, it comes with SD card storage, and it includes software that helps deal with photos that are too large to be scanned in one pass. It’s fast, it provides high-quality scans, and you can take it just about anywhere and not have to worry about a power supply or a connected PC.

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