Digital Wellbeing is reportedly working on a work profile feature

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One of the things that people working from home have been dealing with is the very thin line between their work and their personal time. Some think that it’s okay to mix your time working and your personal leisure or resting time but studies have shown that you should still be setting boundaries even if you’re not really going to the office and you’re away from your boss or your company’s supervision. Google’s Digital Wellbeing is supposedly working on a feature that would help you create that boundary.

According to XDA Developers, they have spotted some strings in the latest version of Digital Wellbeing that seems to indicate that we will soon see a Work Profile Scheduler. Based on the code that they saw, users will be able to “turn on and off” the apps that they will probably choose so that they will be able to disconnect from work and connect back to it during their official work hours.

What the strings don’t show is what will actually happen when you turn an app off. Best guess is that you will probably not receive notifications for this app. It would probably be great if you actually won’t be able to use an app when a mode is enabled but that’s highly unlikely. At least pausing notifications on schedule will still help you in not opening work-related apps when you’re resting or not supposed to be working.

OnePlus already has a Work-Life Balance feature which hopefully Google will emulate. Users are able to set up Work and Life profiles and choose which apps to add to these. Aside from turning off notifications for Work apps during your down time, you can also choose to mute notifications from Life apps when you’re supposed to be working at home or if you’re able to go to the office.

Aside from the strings that were seen, there doesn’t seem to be any information about this probably Digitl Wellbeing feature. What will be rolled out will look different to what’s there right now. Let’s wait in the next few weeks if we’ll see something to this effect.

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