Did this Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak just confirm next Samsung Unpacked date?

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Samsung fans are looking forward to the next Samsung Unpacked event. If the rumors are any indication, the company has a few exciting announcements lined up for us. However, it’s yet to confirm when the event will take place.

A big hint might have just come our way through a massive Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak. It possibly reveals when the next Samsung Unpacked event will happen. Like last year, this will also be an entirely virtual event.

Samsung Unpacked 2021 possibly set for August 11

If you look closely at the date in these freshly leaked Galaxy Z Flip 3 renders, you’ll notice that the cover display shows August 11. This will likely be when the next Samsung Unpacked takes place.

We have seen this many times in the past. The device’s display in the renders mentions the exact date of its launch event. That’s what makes this particular instance appear credible. August 11 is also within the expect timeline for the event.

The next Samsung Unpacked is going to be a packed event, pun intended. The company will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It may also launch the Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Watch 4 at this event. Samsung has new flagship tablets in the pipeline as well but they may be launched a bit later.

Samsung hasn’t returned to in-person events yet so this Unpacked will also be entirely online. The Unpacked event in the second half of the year traditionally features a new Galaxy Note flagship as well. It has already been confirmed by the company that we won’t be getting a new Galaxy Note in 2021.

The new devices won’t hit the market immediately after the event. If reports are believed, the new foldable smartphones will be released on August 27.

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