Diablo IV to feature cosmetic microtransactions

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Last week, Blizzard Entertainment revealed Diablo IV to the world. No release date was provided, but we did get a glimpse at the gameplay. While it maintains the fluid combat of Diablo III, the visuals are much darker and the narrative sets an almost post-apocalyptic tone.

Whenever a major AAA game is announced, gamers always want to know if the title features microtransactions or not. Well, we have the answer. Diablo IV will have cosmetic microtransactions. Let’s hope that the microtransactions stay cosmetic because Blizzard has a story of odd practices like the expensive Diablo III Store where select players were charging $200 for a powerful crossbow.

According to a report by PC Games N, Lead Designer Joe Shely discussed the microtransactions with Twitch streamer “Quin69” at BlizzCon 2019. When asked if the game had microtransactions, Shely said the following.

Diablo IV will be available as a base game, and… we’re going to have expansions. You also will be able to acquire cosmetics in the game… It’s very early… but yes.

Hopefully, the microtransactions will be limited to skins and not include boosts of any kind. We’ll have to wait and find out. Diablo IV is probably coming to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 in 2020 or 2021.

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