Diablo IV: How PVP works and what to expect

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Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming hack-and-slash RPG Diablo IV is still a ways off. Still, even with the scourges of Goatmen and other monsters pillaging and raiding the villages of humanity, it’s always good to find time to beat up your fellow human explorers. Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is a great way to shake things up after hours of grinding through dungeons. Here’s what we know about PvP in Diablo IV.

Does Diablo IV support PvP?

Unlike Diablo III, which received PvP later in a post-launch patch, Diablo IV is being designed with PvP from the very beginning. In theory, this means that classes will be better balanced around PvP. All PvP in Diablo III was consensual-only, meaning all players had to agree to take part in the brawling. The phrasing of Blizzard’s comments suggests something similar for Diablo IV.

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From the official FAQ:

Some areas of the world will offer opt-in PvP experiences where you’ll need to watch your back while you adventure.

It sounds like these will be specific PvP zones in the five regions where, if you enable it, free-for-all ferocious fighting will ensue. Additionally, Blizzard has confirmed Diablo IV will support Clans, though we don’t really know how they’ll work at this time.

Seasons will also be returning, with Blizzard stating the intent is for Seasons to “impact your gameplay.” If you want to take a break from smashing, crushing, slicing, or freezing other players, you’ll also be able to trade with each other.

Diablo IV is still a ways away

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