‘Deus Ex GO’ strategic puzzle game now free on the Play Store

Deus Ex GO

We’re sure by now, you’ve already downloaded and tried dozens of games on your phone, tablet, and computer. We’re in this season that it gets really boring. How many weeks has it been? Even if you don’t have a kick-ass gaming phone, you can always depend on your regular smartphone to enjoy new mobile games. It’s okay to dream for a Black Shark 3, Nubia Play 5G, or that Nubia RedMagic 5G but you don’t really need them to enjoy Deus Ex GO.

Deus Ex GO is an old game by Square Enix. It’s a puzzle game that challenges and lets you solve a futuristic mystery. The puzzle is a tactical board game.

One thing that makes it attractive is that it’s from the same team that developed ‘Lara Craft Go‘ and ‘Hitman Go‘. We remember this one being offered by Amazon Underground for free back in December.

The game is available for free now so we suggest you download now straight from the Google Play Store. ‘Deus Ex GO’ will require you to use your intelligence. Combine your smarts with espionage and stealth and you can solve the puzzle.

The game will have you guiding the secret agent Adam Jensen across a storyline. There are many enemies along the way so you have to sneak and fight. It’s a strategy based logic puzzle game that will make you prove you can outsmart those turrets, guards, drones, and other enemies. There are about 50 unique puzzles to solve.

The cyberpunk game also features time-limited puzzles that will lead you to a “beautiful vision of the future”. Also included are augmented puzzles that you need to finish. You can also come up with your own puzzle with the Puzzle Maker to share with others part of the community.

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