Desperados III is Xbox One X Enhanced, appears to run at 4K resolution

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Desperados III is being developed by German studio Mimimi, and is a real-time tactics game set in the Wild West. You will get to command a surly group of desperados, engaging in iconic showdowns across a variety of missions while being hunted down by bandits and lawmen. We haven’t gotten a tactical Western in ages, and Desperados III might just be the experience everyone has been asking for.

You’ll be happy to know that Desperados III features Xbox One X enhancements. The game appears to be running at 4K resolution and even allows you to “VSync it to 60 frames per second” (FPS). From what we were told, it seems like the frame rate doesn’t quite stay at a locked 60 FPS, but it’s a definite improvement over 30 FPS.

For those wondering that the game was going to look blurry on a 4K display, you can put those concerns aside. From what I say, it’s incredibly sharp and I’ll be surprised if it isn’t 4K. It’s stunning and I’m even more excited now for June 16.


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