Dell accidentally posted two laptops on its site, and they look sleek

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Two laptops recently appeared on Dell’s Precision product page. The listings have since been removed, but before they went down, reddit user WesolyKubeczek posted about them. The laptops have smaller chins, larger trackpads, and appear to take design queues from Dell’s XPS line. Before the listings were removed, WesolyKubeczek grabbed a screenshot, which you can see below.

Some have speculated that the laptops in the screenshots show a Dell XPS 15 and Dell XPS 17. While possible since it’s a leak with few details, that seems unlikely. First, the designs of the laptop feature some elements not currently on the XPS line. One of the most noticeable differences is the left side of the device. The image above shows a slotted vent on the left. Recent devices from the Dell XPS line don’t have that vent. See the XPS 15 and XPS 13 below for comparison. There are Precision devices without that element as well, but devices as recent as the Precision 3541 have it.

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Second, Dell doesn’t currently make an XPS 17, though rumors and benchmarks suggest one is on the way.

Finally, the laptops appeared on a Dell Precision page, not a Dell XPS page. Of course, since they mistakenly went up, someone could have mistakenly put up the devices on the wrong page. There’s also a chance that Dell with use the chassis in multiple lines of devices.

While these leaked devices are likely from the Precision line, they do take some design elements from the XPS line. The noticeably smaller chin and thinner bezels are similar to the most recent XPS devices. No matter what line the devices are from, it appears that people will soon have options for some new sleek laptops from Dell.

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