Deal: You can save a massive amount on a refurb Garmin Vivosport

Everyone knows that built-in GPS is what takes a basic fitness tracker and takes it to the next level. The Garmin Vivosport is one such fitness tracker and right now you can grab a serious Garmin deal with a massive saving if you opt for a refurbished model.

Amazon: Garmin Vivosport (renewed) – Save $55

Amazon: Garmin Vivosport (renewed) – Save $55

Amazon still gives you a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee on its refurbished products. That means while it’s pre-owned, it has been inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers. It will work and look just like new.

If you opt for a refurbished model, you’ll save as much as $55.50 off a new model, which is almost half the price. Even the new price has had a sharp discount from its original $169.99 price.

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It’s the built-in GPS that really sets the Garmin Vivosport apart from rivals, especially at this price. The Fitbit Inspire HR, for example, doesn’t have GPS so can’t accurately record your pace and distance during outdoor exercise like running or cycling.

It instead has to piggyback your phone’s GPS, which means you have to bring your phone along.

If you want to workout unencumbered, the Vivosport is a better choice. You also get a color always-on display, smartwatch features like notifications and automatic exercise tracking.

Deal: You can save a massive amount on a refurb Garmin Vivosport

Of course there’s a heart rate monitor as well, which is also used for stress tracking throughout the day. The Vivosport is also water-resistant to 50 metres, so safe for the shower or the pool.

All in all, the Garmin Vivosport is a feature-packed fitness tracker for a ridiculously low price even if you opt for a brand new model right now. We awarded it a 3.5/5 score in our Garmin Vivosport review when it was $199.99.

Amazon: Garmin Vivosport (renewed) – Save $55

Amazon: Garmin Vivosport (renewed) – Save $55

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