Deal: get a free Pixel 4 and Nest Hub if you’re on AT&T and upgrade

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In the mobile world there are good deals and then there are amazing deals. This is one of the latter. After all, you can’t go lower, price-wise, than free. And that’s exactly how much you need to pay for a brand new Google Pixel 4. What’s more, you’re even getting a bonus Nest Hub smart display.

How does that sound? Too good to be true? It isn’t, but there are (unsurprisingly) a few things to keep in mind. First, in order to get the free Pixel 4, you need to already be an AT&T customer and upgrade an existing line. Second, an activation fee of up to $40 may apply. Third, you will need to enter a 30-month installment plan agreement with the carrier, because this offer is of the “bill credits” variety.

Deal: get a free Pixel 4 and Nest Hub if you're on AT&T and upgrade

If you’re fine with all of that, hit the Source link below as soon as possible, for this is clearly a limited-time deal. If you want to add a new line of service to your AT&T account, then given the same conditions you’ll pay 30 monthly installments of $17.99 for the phone – that adds up to $539.70.

That’s still $300 less than what you’d need to shell out if you got the AT&T Pixel 4 at its full price. Oh, and you get the free Nest Hub no matter what – this is a $129 value if you go by its normal price. Currently at the Google store it’s discounted to $79, though – but you can’t argue with free.

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