Dark Souls-like ‘Ashen’ gets first expansion on September 6

A few years ago, Ashen was revealed to the world on Microsoft’s E3 stage. The game was inspired by Dark Souls and features a pastel-like aesthetic. You have to explore the world and dispatch challenging foes as you try to unravel a larger mystery. While the game is quite lengthy, it’s about to get even bigger.

Today, developer A44 and publisher Annapurna Interactive announced its first expansion. Nightstorm Isle launches on September 6 for an undisclosed price. The wanderer accompanies a mother on a quest to find her lost daughter.

Venturing far from familiar ash-covered shores, players descend into the perilous depths of Nightstorm Isle. Countless horrors lurk below, yet nothing will prepare you for the ancient evil it imprisons.

Ashen is one of the best games available on Xbox One, and it’s great to see that it’s getting more content. We can’t wait to play it on Friday. Hopefully, it’ll be a visually-diverse area because the base game features very similar environments.

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