Dark Sky for Android users get extension until August 1

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It was a dark day for Dark Sky Android users when the company announced that it was acquired by Apple and that the Android app will only function until July 1. But on the day when it was supposed to go dark, they extended the app for one month more as it will officially close its digital doors on this version by August 1. While it’s not available for download on the Google Play Store anymore, those who already have it can still have one month to enjoy the app, as much as a weather app is enjoyed.

Dark Sky is a popular weather app for both iOS and Android users, if you wanted something a little bit extra. It had hyper-local weather forecasts and other detailed and precise information to help you make plans and decisions. So when they announced last April 1 (not an April Fool’s joke) that they were being acquired by Apple and that the Android version would cease to exist by July 1, it was a sad day for its Android fans.

The kind of good news now is that you actually have until August 1 to still use the app, if you’ve already previously downloaded it. If you were planning to check it out for the remanning month, then sorry to say you can’t anymore as it’s not available anymore in the Google Play Store, both for the smartphone version and the Wear OS version as well. If you were using it and then deleted it after the Apple announcement, well you’ve probably searched for a replacement app since then.

By August 1, the app will officially end (although we don’t know if that will still be extended). Even the weather forecasts, maps, and embeds that are available on the Day Sky website will also not be available anymore. Those who subscribed to the service for $2.99 a year and are still active subscribers will be receiving their full refund after the app has finally shut down. Those on iOS will not see any change in terms of their subscription.

Hopefully, there will be a “replacement” for Dark Sky in the hearts of weather-loving Android users. There are some contenders who have been around for some time now like Accuweather, 1 Wether, NOAA, etc.

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