Daily Deal: 43% off 2-pack USB-C Fast Charging Cable

The cables you use to charge your smartphone often don’t last as long as the device itself. By picking it up, plugging it in and out and taking it with you it will wear and break at some point. It’s good to have a couple of extra cables around so you’ll always be able to charge. Next to that, it’s also good to have one around at places you visit often like your office, living room, bedroom or car. This 6.6ft charging cable is perfect for any location.It’s long enough to keep charging while you use your Smartphone and durable due to the braided armor. It also supports up to 3A fast charge, allowing you to charge your smartphone fast. Now available at 43% off, this is the perfect opportunity to get a couple of extra charging cables in!Hit the Buy Now button below to order yours while still discounted.

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