Daily Deal: 37% off VICSEED Car Phone Mount

It’s dangerous to use your smartphone to text or call while driving: Your eyes are meant to be on the road and your hands on the wheel. However, people often need to use navigation via Google Maps or other navigation apps on their smartphone in order to get to their desired location (or find the fastest route back home after a long day at work), and it’s always best to keep the phone located at a position that makes it easy for you to take a glance at the phone’s display.That’s where car mounts that can be plugged into your car’s air conditioning vents come in. There are plenty of excellent air vent car mount options available on the market, and today, you can get one from VICSEED at 37% off. The VISCEED car mount holds your phone steady as you drive, and it has universal compatibility that lets it hold any smartphone, including the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note 10+ without needing any adjustments.Hit the Buy Now button below to get one before the price goes back up!

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