Cyber Monday deals on webcams, capture cards, and more livestreaming essentials

Friday had plenty of hype, but these massive Cyber Monday webcam deals stand out alongside similar bargains on capture cards and accessories, providing everything you need to start livestreaming on Twitch, YouTube, and beyond. We’re making educated picks on the essential hardware for a high-quality stream, all reduced for huge savings during this digital sale event.

If you’re starting from scratch, you could build an excellent 1440p gaming PC to pair with more of our hand-picked deals on gaming monitors. Whether you want to stream PC games or the latest Xbox blockbusters, Windows Central has your back with a roundup of critical essentials and extras.

Livestreaming essentials on Cyber Monday

Best webcam deals on Cyber Monday

High-quality video is integral to a successful stream, so don’t settle for a dollar-store dud. Our selections of Cyber Monday webcam deals offer a choice of the best models suited to a crisp, smooth live feed. Each webcam features the necessary manual adjustments for a correctly calibrated green screen, cutting out your background and cleanly displaying you above the game, just like the professionals.

Best capture card deals on Cyber Monday

External capture cards are ideal for streaming games from your Xbox or even a second PC. Practically anything with at least an HDMI video output can display on your desktop or laptop via USB and the included capture software. It’s a great way to reduce the strain on your machine when playing the most demanding games, saving processing power for encoding the live video and audio. Consider your plans for streaming and whether you’re prioritizing 4K resolutions or smoother framerates to help you pick.

Best microphone deals on Cyber Monday

Some webcams offer internal microphones, but the audio quality will likely never match a dedicated mic. It’s easy to overspend in this category, but our finds have the perfect balance of performance and value. USB mics with a headphone monitoring jack can help keep your streaming setup free from clutter by connecting a 3.5mm cable directly and bypassing trailing any cords leading to your PC. Otherwise, any reasonably high-quality mic is ideal for general voice recording outside livestreaming, so it’s a versatile purchase.

Streaming accessories on Cyber Monday

Outside of the obvious picks, some extra accessories can elevate your livestream to the same level as the pros. Flexible microphone arms help with consistent volume as you speak, shifting them into the perfect position no matter how you present yourself. Green screens can help to cleverly composite you in front of gameplay or be useful in hundreds of other clever ways. You can certainly get by without these, but they’re vital to a professional stream.

When do Cyber Monday deals begin?

Cyber Monday deals are already live across the Internet! The day may not have officially arrived, but that never stopped Black Friday deals from appearing early. Hundreds of digital retailers will add new savings all weekend and into Monday, November 28.

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