Custom Tiles for WearOS smartwatch apps coming this spring

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Google introduced the Wear OS Tiles back in 2019 as a way to swipe among different widgets of information for a better user experience on their smartwatches. Things like weather, calendar updates or vital stats like heart rate; available right on the wrist for user’s convenience. Now Google will give third-party apps the opportunity to have custom Tiles for the Wear OS – expanding the possibilities for end-users beyond the device’s installed apps from Google. As for developers, this will be the opportunity to create custom Tiles for quick workout sessions, sending messages to favorite contact or even initiating a recently played song.

Tiles make even more sense than for say, having an app on the home screen, as they let the user quickly access the most important thing or piece of information in a jiffy. According to Google, the custom Tiles will be available to the user in spring via a wider Wear OS platform update.

As per the blog post by Android Developer Relations Engineer, Google has announced the Jetpack Tiles library for Wear OS – giving the developers go ahead for creating custom Tiles for third-party apps. Although the library is right now in the alpha stage, still it has enough to create Tiles for WearOS, and things are looking exciting if you are a WearOS smartwatch user.

This will surely open up a lot of options for the geeks, creating quick access widgets that they were not able to earlier on their WearOS powered smartwatches. That means popular WearOS smartwatches including Google Smartwatch, Fossil Sports, TickWatch Pro 3, and Huawei Watch 2 could get even more exciting to sport on your wrist.

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