Curve adds support for Samsung Pay, makes it compatible with all cards

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Curve has added support for Samsung Pay in the United Kingdom. Described as an “over-the-top banking platform,” Curve consolidates all of your credit and debit cards into a single Curve card.Since that Curve card can now be used with Samsung Pay, any and all underlying cards linked to it can thus be used to make payments using Samsung Pay. All users have to do is just register their Curve card in the Samsung Pay app. Once that’s done, they can link any of their other Mastercard and Visa debit cards to Curve.Curve lets you use all of your debit and credit cards with Samsung PayThis solution will enable a lot more people to use Samsung Pay. There are still quite a few banks that don’t support Samsung Pay. They prefer to offer NFC-based mobile payments through their own apps instead.Curve’s primary offering is a smart card that can be connected to users’ bank-issued credit and debit cards through the app. This means that they only have to carry a single card which gives them the power to access and use all of their other cards.Since Curve has now added support for Samsung Pay, Mastercard and Visa cards from banks that don’t support Samsung Pay themselves can even be used to make payments through this service. Samsung Pay users will make payments through the Curve card like they would with any other card. Simply launch Samsung Pay, select the Curve card and authorize the transaction. All of the underlying cards can be managed through the Curve app.These are the banks that currently support Samsung Pay in the United Kingdom. If your’s isn’t on the list, Curve is the only option if you’d like to use a card issued by your bank in Samsung Pay. Curve is reportedly planning an expansion into the United States as well.

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