Crossy Road Castle Coming Soon to Apple Arcade

Hipster Whale, the developers behind the popular game Crossy Road, are expanding the franchise and introducing a new title, Crossy Road Castle, which is coming to Apple Arcade later this year.

The news was announced today via a trailer for the upcoming game, which features Crossy Road-style gameplay in a platform-like castle setting.

Crossy Road first came out in 2014 and soared to popularity thanks to its simple tap-based object avoidance gameplay and wealth of unlockable characters.

Crossy Road is available on multiple platforms, but given the mobile exclusivity restrictions for  Apple Arcade , Crossy Road Castle will be available solely on the iPhone and won’t come to Android.

 Apple Arcade  games are available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac, but not all games are available on all platforms. Crossy Road Castle, though, will be available on all devices that support  Apple Arcade , according to GameSpot. Crossy Road Castle will include no in-app purchases or additional unlocks, and will be available as part of the $4.99 per month  Apple Arcade  subscription price.

Up to four players can play Crossy Road Castle collaboratively via a local connection, so friends and family members can play with one another.

There’s no specific launch date for Crossy Road Castle, with Hipster Whale saying it’s “coming soon.”

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