Cricket Wireless’ 5G network is currently supported by just Galaxy S20+

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5G networks are slowly being rolled out in the US, and the market is divided between sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G technologies. While AT&T’s 5G network is operated in the sub-6GHz spectrum, Verizon uses the mmWave technology for blazing-fast speeds. Now, AT&T’s low-cost carrier, Cricket Wireless, is rolling out a 5G network in the US.

Cricket Wireless’ 5G network is currently only supported by the Galaxy S20+. Although it’s a carrier that’s preferred by customers who use prepaid and low-cost plans, Cricket’s choice for its first 5G smartphone is the Galaxy S20+, a high-end device that’s priced at $1,199. Right now, only the Cosmic Gray color variant of the Galaxy S20+ is available from the carrier.

Right now, getting access to 5G on Cricket Wireless’ network requires a subscription to its Unlimited plan, which is priced at $60/month. The carrier also said that it will soon bring 5G to its Simply Data plans, which don’t offer call and text services. Simply Data plans start at $35/month with support for 20GB data. For $90/month, users get access to 100GB of data services.

Cricket Wireless is using AT&T’s 5G network backbone in the 850MHz spectrum. AT&T also offers 5G+ services that use the faster but short-range mmWave frequencies. However, Cricket Wireless might not use AT&T’s mmWave networks in the near future.

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