Creative Director of Ghostwire Tokyo has left Tango Gameworks

Ikumi Nakamura, Creative Director of Ghostwire Tokyo at Tango Gameworks, announced today on Twitter that she is leaving the studio. Ghostwire Tokyo was announced at E3 2019, with a mysterious reveal trailer. While it wasn’t clear exactly what it would be, it clearly featured paranormal aspects and is without doubt a horror game. In Nakamura’s own words “It’s spooky.” It is not clear at this time who will be taking on the role of Creative Director for Ghostwire Tokyo. You can read Nakamura’s announcement on Twitter below:

Nakamura has worked on several games over her career, doing concept art for Bayonetta before joining Tango Gameworks (a part of Bethesda Softworks under ZeniMax) and studying under the founder of the studio, Shinji Mikami. She then worked as the Lead Concept Artist on The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Ghostwire Tokyo was to be her first game as Creative Director.

At E3 2019, her energetic presentation and talk about the game made her social presence online blow up – in the span of a couple of months since E3 2019, her Twitter account went from a handful of followers to over 173,000 at the moment. We’d like to wish Nakamura the very best and good luck wherever she goes. We’re very interested in what she ends up doing next.

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