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If you’re not creating content, you’re just consuming it. Be on the side making money from the hobby. Get out there and put together some YouTube videos or stream on Twitch or something. It’s not hard to get started, and who knows? You could go viral or be the next TikTok star! One thing I do know is the key to a great video is great audio. Don’t underestimate what crystal clear voice can do for whatever content you happen to create.

Not all mics are created equal. There are very specific qualities you will want to keep an eye out for, and you’ll want to determine what’s best for your situation. For example, do you want a condenser mic or a dynamic mic? Dynamic mics are much better at picking up large sounds from a single direction (like your voice or an instrument) but they also tend to be perceived as not as loud, requiring more tinkering with your equipment. Condenser mics can pick up a lot more, but that can mean certain sounds getting in the way of a good recording (like the clicks of your mechanical keyboard). That’s just one example of many a preference you’ll need to decide when buying a new mic.

Best Streaming Microphone Deals:

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