Corsair lays claim to the best RAM deal on Cyber Monday

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Any time there’s a good deal on RAM is a time to take advantage and as the Cyber Monday week continues to roll, this right here is the deal you should be picking up. Whether you’re building an Intel or AMD PC, this 16GB kit of Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz RAM is what you should be putting in it right now.

Corsair is one of the best known and most popular suppliers of RAM kits for good reason. It’s reliable, usually well priced and has great performance. And specifically to this Vengeance kit, you’re also getting pretty low-profile sticks which makes it suitable for smaller builds, too.

I’ve been using Corsair Vengeance RAM for a while now, most recently in a build I put together for my son. Like virtually all RAM kits, out of the box it runs at 2133 MHz, but getting it to run at the rated speed is a breeze. Simply go into the BIOS on your PC and enable the XMP profile. Hit save, reboot and you should be all set.

I’ve also found Corsair Vengeance RAM to be pretty accommodating to overclocking as well. 3000 MHz is hardly anything to be sniffed at, but if you’re building a Ryzen PC in particular, the more clock speed you can squeeze from your RAM the better. Mileage will always vary from kit to kit, but I’ve had no issues getting an extra few hundred MHz from my Vengeance RAM without needing to tweak the timings.

It isn’t flashy, with a fairly understated appearance and no RGB built-in, but it gets the job done, and does it without fuss. And now at its lowest price yet, it’s certainly the kit to buy this Black Friday weekend.

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