Control is getting Photo Mode, a free new game mode and two expansions

Control released back in August but Remedy Entertainment is already talking about what fans can look forward to next. Yesterday, Remedy shared the patch notes for a comprehensive update aimed at fixing the issues players are having with the map, as well as glitches and frame-rate problems. Today, Remedy released the content roadmap for Control, talking about what is coming and the order in which it is coming.

First up is Photo Mode, which will be free for all players. It’s aimed to arrive sometime in Fall 2019. After that is a new game mode called Expeditions. This is being described as a challenging, endgame mode that will require all your skills and the best gear to face as you explore the Formation. This will also be free and is currently set to release in December 2019.

Then we have the paid expansions. The first, titled The Foundation, tasks Jesse Faden with exploring beneath the Bureau. Also, players should “Expect things to get weird.” This is aimed for arrival in early 2020. The second paid expansion is AWE – which stands for Altered World Event. Jesse will be checking out the Investigations Sector, where Altered World Events are studied. This expansion is aiming for release in mid-2020. While it sounds interesting, it’s the image for the expansion that makes things really interesting.

If you haven’t beaten the game, I recommend not looking at the image, as there are some neat teasers for this in the collectibles. Have you completed it, or you’re just too curious? Alright, proceed.

Yeah, that’s Alan Wake in the top half of the image. Does this mean that AWE also stands for Alan Wake Expansion? If so, I imagine Alan Wake fans (and I am one) will be extremely happy. We’ll provide more updates on the exact timing for each of these DLCs.

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