Comparing Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs

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Sony has finally broken the silence on PlayStation 5, unveiling a tease of its next-generation console, and providing our first hardware specifications. It outlines a highly capable system over double the graphical capability of the PlayStation 4 Pro, and tailing Microsoft’s rival Xbox Series X. The first talk of system specifications also comes just two days after similar details broke on Xbox Series X, providing our first opportunity for a head-to-head comparison between the next-generation titans.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to top the next-generation console lineup in terms of raw processing power, outpacing Sony’s CPU and GPU combo, and extending to other components of the system. And while the base storage also provided additional storage to Xbox Series X users, the option for standard PC NVMe SSDs for expansion provides flexibility over Microsoft’s proprietary memory card. However, with pricing still unconfirmed for both systems, it’s unclear how hardware differences will translate to assumedly high costs.

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We’ve wrapped up the full PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X specifications below, as unveiled via Sony’s March preview stream.

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