Clubhouse brings Clips, Search, Replays features

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While it paved the way for audio-only social apps and features, Clubhouse is now trying to get ahead of its rivals like Twitter Spaces and Facebook Live Audio Rooms. One way to beat the bigger brands is to introduce new features that they haven’t explored yet and it looks like that’s what Clubhouse is doing. The latest feature update includes several new things that users can do including universal search, creating and sharing clips from a public room, and enabling replays.

The Clips feature may be something that is a bit controversial if they are taken out of context. It lets Clubhouse users grab a 30-second clip from any room and then share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or WhatsApp. While it may be used to promote Clubs as it originally is meant to, some may also use this to either spread information or target the speakers or club since it can be easily taken out of context.

So Clubhouse is testing it out in beta to a small group of creators first. When you start a room, you can also choose whether to enable Clips or not. This is turned on by default for open and public rooms so be sure to toggle it off if you don’t want people to make and share Clips. This feature is not available for private, social, or club rooms. Let’s hope this feature works as it was intended as it’s a great way to promote clubs and rooms.

Clubhouse is also getting Universal Search so it will be easier for users to search for people, clubs, live rooms, and even future friends. Currently, you actually can’t search for rooms so this is a much-needed addition to the app. You will soon be able to listen to Replays if you missed a live room session. Owners will be able to choose if they want Replays enabled when they start a room and if you choose to turn it on, the room will be discoverable on the platform since we’re getting Universal Search.

Spatial Audio is also now finally rolling out to the Android app. They say this has really improved user experience on the app so if you’re using an Android phone, you will now know what they’re talking about. Update your Clubhouse app to get all these new features that will be rolling out now and soon.

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