Chromecast with Google TV and remote, Google Home speaker leaked

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Google Chromecast Sabrina

September is less than a week from today. It means Google will be introducing the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G as the tech giant’s first pair of 5G devices. The company is also expected to reveal a new Chromecast model. Images of the Chromecast with Google TV have been leaked recently. It is an Android dongle known earlier as ‘Sabrina’. It is said to be priced affordably as leaked. It may also come with a remote and probably low-latency gaming mode for Stadia.

A new Chromecast will be unveiled. We are sure of that now especially since a related video surfaced on Reddit. A redditor (jsterninja) shared a video of the new Chromecast. The photo on the square box matches the image of the ‘Sabrina’ we’ve been featuring here for several months now.

Based on the 28-second video, we can gather the upcoming Chromecast device will offer a ‘Simple setup: plug, connect, and stream’. It is called Chromecast with Google TV that comes with a physical remote. It also comes with the Google Assistant so you can take advantage of voice remote to control the TV and search. as per Roland Quandt. Nothing much on the device but listed there are these words: Fill the room with rich sound, Smart sound inside, and Stream music with your voice.

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