Chromebook users can play DOOM and DOOM II for free

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If you are on a small budget, tend to use the browser more than the enterprise apps, then Chromebook is your obvious choice over a laptop. If you are planning to get one or already own a Chromebook that gives you mammoth battery backup and Android apps to toil with; you are in for some no-cost gaming goodness. Google has added the ability to download DOOM and DOOM II first-person shooter games for free on Chromebook.

Google is constant with adding new apps and games to the growing list of fun on Chromebook. Along with DOOM and DOOM II, users can also download The Elder Scrolls: Legends Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion. According to Android Police, the offer is not working for everyone – so your best chance is to check out Google’s Chromebook perks page and download it for your Chromebook right away.

DOOM and DOOM II that you are getting are the original games that recently surfaced for $4.99 each on Play Store. As a Chromebook owner, you have a chance to get them without spending a cent. This is however a limited period offer, so you may want to give it a shot without much delay.

These games join the long list of apps, games, and drive storage space that Google provides on the tiny OS laptops. Given that you have a Chromebook – which is a prerequisite to claim the offer; you can, when you have downloaded and played, leave us your experience in the comment section below.

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