Chromebook system updated with Wi-Fi Sync, mic slider, and more

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Chromebooks are truly helpful not only in time of pandemic but even before. They are more affordable options for laptops that can be used for work, school, or home. Google regularly updates the Chrome OS system and recently, the company has introduced several improvements that will further make things easier for everyone. One important feature is the Wi-Sync that lets you access your personal account from one device on another. Such access will then let you retrieve all the Wi-Fi passwords to networks you’ve already used.

With Wi-Fi Sync, you no longer have to type that long password you entered to enter a certain network. All the Wi-Fi passwords you’ve utilized are usually saved within your account. They become part of your own profile keychain. This becomes more useful too for families that share Chromebooks.

Wi-Fi Sync is beneficial because it saves time and energy. You can finish more tasks and get things done quickly without having to ask or look for the WiFi password every time you use a new Chromebook. Since a Chromebook is usually shareable, you can simply log in to your account and access your other documents, bookmarks, open tabs, and even now, WiFi details.

Every information saved on your Google account is safe and secure. This also includes Instant Tethering. This feature lets you link your Chromebook device to a hotspot automatically. Your Android phone can be used as a hotspot and Chromebook can recognize it automatically.

Other changes to the Chromebook system include simpler settings as shown by the improved design of the search bar. It uses a more intelligent search model so related suggestions and matching settings will also be displayed. In the near future, searching through Settings is possible from the Launcher. You may soon access everything from it like Google Search, Drive, local files, and apps among others.

Chromebook also receives a new mic slider so they can easily and quickly control the volume of their video and voice chats. The Camera app on Chromebook has been improved as well so recording videos can be easier. It also allows you to take a still snapshot while recording and easily pause/resume when necessary.

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