Chromebook gaming getting better with premium games, cloud gaming

Chromebook Gaming Levels Up

Gaming on Chromebook may not be the best idea if you are a hardcore gamer. But then, Google wants you to reconsider the Chromebook line when it comes to gaming. The tech giant is seriously leveling up gaming on Chromebooks by making the necessary upgrades whether on the hardware and software side. The company has seen that people are accessing more gaming apps on their Chromebooks. Usage has tripled and so there is really a demand for a better gaming experience.

Google has been adding more high-quality games to the Google Play Store that can be played on Chromebook. Gaming credentials of the Chromebook system are also being enhanced for some of the more popular titles that are playable via GeForce NOW on Google Stadia.

On your Chromebook, check the Google Play Store. You can now see a Premium gaming section. It is where you can discover new exciting games specially designed for Chromebook. Some of the more popular favorites include Bridge Constructor Portal, Gamedev Tycoon, and Incredibox. Some other popular games like Project Highrise, House of Da Vinci, and Fallout Shelter even offer special gaming perks.

For better gameplay, you can use Stadia to play games on the Chromebook. Feel free to stream and play games over the cloud. Some of the titles you can now enjoy include Destiny 2 and PUBG.

Since games are over the cloud, this means you don’t have to install any program, download, or wait for an update. At the moment, Chromebook users can take advantage of three months access to Stadia Pro for FREE. Check the over 20 popular games you can play.

Apart from Stadia, you can also enjoy NVIDIA GeForce NOW on your Chromebook. You can play other PC games you can find on Steam or Uplay store like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and DOTA 2 among others.

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