Chrome OS updated with people with disabilities in mind

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Chromebook accessible people with disabilities

Google is doing everything to ensure all sectors of society are catered to with their products and services. Even people with disabilities are part of Google’s many audiences. With this said, it wants to make Chromebooks work for them by updating the Chrome OS. The platform is regularly updated. The last one we mentioned was a month ago but it had something to do with a Phone Hub to manage devices and notifications. The Chromebook system was also updated with Wi-Fi Sync and mic slider among others.

The latest updates will benefit those people with disabilities. The timing is perfect since October in the United States is Disability Employment Awareness Month. Google wants to help more people with new features and changes that will help and assist users.

Google is trying to be more inclusive by starting with assistive technology. Chromebooks are now more accessible for users with disabilities. With the goal of enhancing visual clarity, several options can be done like changing the cursor color. Doing so improves visibility. It also offers a personal touch to your computer.

Color options include Red, Yellow, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Blue, and Pink. Color can help those with low vision or are visually impaired. Size can also be adjusted under Settings> Mouse and touchpad.

The Select-to-speak feature has been improved. You can now select “text on screen to be spoken aloud”. This may be more helpful for those with dyslexia or low vision. Set up under Settings> Select-to-speak settings. Take advantage of the ChromeVox built-in screen reader. Use Voice Switching, more speech customization options, Smart Sticky Mode, and better navigation in ChromeVox menus.

The Chromebook accessibility hub is now available for those who want to get started with the accessibility features. Websites can be exported and accessed as PDFs in Google Chrome. For the kids with disabilities, the Chromebook team has also provided a new Guardian’s Guide to learn more about how the features can be used by everyone.

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