Chrome OS to receive official Steam support soon

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Chrome OS Steam Support

Perhaps the other company that perfectly lives out OnePlus’ ‘Never Settle’ motto is Google. The tech giant supreme is definitely ruling over not just the mobile world with its Android OS platform but also in other industries like the portable computer arena. Its Chromebooks have been successful the past years with a number of OEMs coming out with their own Chrome OS-powered notebooks. Google also regularly updates the platform and improves the ecosystem. One important improvement may make more people buy Chromebooks in the near future.

According to Kan Liu, Chrome OS Director of Product Management for Google, Chromebooks may soon offer support for Steam. There is no telling when the project will come to completion but it should be an interesting development.

With Chrome OS’ compatibility with Linux, it is possible. It should be easier for developers to work on the changes. The idea is that the Steam client would run inside Linux on Chrome OS. Google is believed to be working on this project together with Valve.

There is no official announcement or confirmation yet but it will be interesting to anticipate this kind of development. Actually, you can already try Steam Linux client on Chrome OS with the Crostini Linux compatibility layer.

Valve has been trying to be more aggressive when it comes to distributing Steam. In 2015, it updated the Steam app to Material Design specs. The Steam Link app for Android was made available in beta followed by Steam Chat for Android released as a separate app. Steam Link was also released for more Android devices.

Now Valve has the advantage to be the first gaming system to work on a platform when it has no compatibility with any console or mainstream PC. Steam Linux client on Chrome OS has been possible but there is no official support. Hopefully, things will change for the better once Steam on Chrome OS starts working.

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