Chorus developer says Xbox Series X ‘easier to develop for’ than others

Today, Microsoft revealed a game called Chorus — stylized as Chorvs — during its Inside Xbox show. A number of games were revealed, but this space shooter stood out the most due to its stunning visuals and frantic gameplay. Eurogamer sat down with Johannes Kuhlmann, Head of Core Technology at developer FishLabs, to discuss the game and Xbox Series X.

Chorus runs at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on the upcoming machine, but it’s really easy for programmers to code for the device it seems. Kuhlmann said the following when asked about what’s changed from a development perspective.

I’ve got to say, the transition from coming from Xbox One to Xbox Series X was straightforward. We felt right at home on the new devkit. There weren’t any particular challenges. You have way more freedom. You don’t have to worry about the frame rate as much. You can instead crank it up to a higher frame rate. In the end, it’s easier to develop for Xbox Series X than any other console.

A few months ago, a Crytek developer said that the PlayStation 5 was easier to develop for but retracted that statement based on the DirectX 12 Ultimate reveal most likely. It seems like this is the first statement from a developer working on a next-generation game to confirm that the Xbox Series X is easier to develop for than “any other console.”

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Are you excited for the Xbox Series X? Let us know. It may be easier to develop for because the device features 2-3 teraflops more power than the PlayStation 5. This gives teams more freedom to test out various effects and optimize because they don’t have to worry about unoptimized builds that much.

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