Children of Morta, Wreckfest, and more join Project xCloud

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s game streaming service which allows you to play Xbox One games without a console. The service is currently in preview and is free to anyone who signs up and is accepted into the program.

At X019, the company’s gaming celebration in November, around 50 games were added to the service. Today, even more made it onto the list. Out of all of these, Wreckfest has to be the most spectacular because it’s a lot of fun if you love demolition derby experiences. You can read a statement provided to us by Microsoft below.

Today, we announced four new titles have been added to the Project xCloud preview. Three of the added titles, Children of Morta, Dead by Daylight, and Fishing Sim, were initially announced at X019 and are now available to play, while the final title, Wreckfest, is brand new to Project xCloud. We’ll add even more games – titles announced at X019 as well as unannounced additions – to the Project xCloud preview over the next few weeks to give gamers more choice in which games they stream.

If you haven’t played Children of Morta, Dead by Daylight, Fishing Sim, and Wreckfest already, be sure to give them a go on Project xCloud. The fact that these amazing titles are portable is just awesome.

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Google Stadia has almost two dozen games, but Project xCloud is already past 50. In 2020, even more will be added, including titles you already own. It’s unclear how much Project xCloud will cost, but it seems like it’s going to be part of Xbox Game Pass given the language the company has used in the past. Xbox head Phil Spencer even said that he wants to make Project xCloud free to those who own an Xbox One and a game on the system. Let’s see if this dream is realized, but the fact that it’s free right now is pretty good in my book.

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