Check out this ‘Sexy Lady’ Surface Duo case

Surface DuoSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

When you look at the Surface Duo, the first word that comes to mind is probably “sexy.” Its hinges, its curves, its refined design, they all certainly make heads turn. But if you want your Surface Duo to be sexy, and we mean really sexy, then you have to check out the Maiddos Surface Duo Case. It’s a PU leather case for the Surface Duo that comes in the color “Sexy Black.”

Yes indeed, you can comfortably wrap your Surface in faux leather to provide all-round protection. To add to the pure sexiness of this case, you can attach it to your belt with its built-in belt loop.

The third and final color option is “Pure Girl,” which just looks outstanding when contrasted with a black leather belt as shown off on its Amazon listing.

The Maiddos Surface Duo Case is handmade and lined with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches on the glass back and screens of the Surface Duo.

You can grab the case now on Amazon, or check out the rest of the best Surface Duo cases if you can’t handle the risqué color scheme of the Maiddos Surface Duo Case.

Bringin’ sexy back

Maiddos Surface Duo Case

Dressing up your Surface Duo

This Surface Duo case is made of PU leather and provides all-round protection with its microfiber lining.

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