The folks over at Gadgets Deck have prepared a nicely detailed infographic that shows how Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup of flagships has evolved over the years. The infographic offers a good look at how the specs have evolved, to be more precise. Like how the first Galaxy S had just 512MB of RAM, 24 times less than what the top-most Galaxy S10 variant is expected to offer this year. Or how the megapixel count for the rear cameras hasn’t really increased by much and is actually lower now than it was with devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 4.

The numbers don’t always tell the whole story, though. In case of the rear cameras, the numbers for parameters such as pixel size and aperture are what decide how good the pictures will come out. Another example is the internal storage. While the first Galaxy S had 16GB of built-in storage, only 2GB was usable for installing apps and storing OS data. The rest was treated just like a microSD card. Of course, we’ve lost things like IR blasters and removable batteries along the way, but we have gained other benefits in the long run, such as water resistance and screens with minimal bezels.

Check out the infographic below, then see what we here at SamMobile remember about the Galaxy S flagships that have come before the Galaxy S10 in our 10 years of Galaxy S flagships series.

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