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The Halo community is one of the most creative in all of gaming, and the hype around Halo Infinite both before and after its official gameplay reveal inspired many fans to create some fantastic pieces of art. Here’s a showcase of some of our favorite fan art pieces from the Halo community.

Kicking things off, we have @Rythaze’s incredible Master Chief artwork that features his new armor and a variant of the new Bulldog shotgun from the gameplay demo (now with lights!). I love how much color and flair this piece has.

Next up is @PedanticAuspice’s take on Master Chief floating around in space with a rocket launcher. I love the idea behind this particular artwork, and the way the rocket Chief fires lights up the front of his armor is a sweet detail.

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@Jafet_Meza has made some vertical wallpapers based on Halo Infinite (make sure to click the images above for a full view), and both of them are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re a Halo fan and you’re looking for a new mobile wallpaper, don’t overlook his work!

@NodorTheConquer has spoiled us with not one, not two, but four separate art pieces that he made while feeling hyped about Halo Infinite. The first one is my favorite since the Arbiter is my favorite character from Halo, but ultimately, all of them are gorgeous pieces.

@InaDayorTwooooo went for a more analog approach with her chalk recreation of the Halo Infinite main menu that was briefly seen during the gameplay demo. You don’t often see chalk drawings that are this colorful and detailed, so her skills definitely deserve praise!
@Blacwaal’s pieces also go in a different direction. Following the reveal of one of the new weapons coming to Halo Infinite, the UNSC’s VK78 Commando, she decided to sketch out multiple different versions of the weapon with different magwells, scopes, and more. It’s neat to see someone with a lot of firearm knowledge experiment with the design of the Commando, and it makes me hope that we’ll be able to customize our weapons to some extent in the full game.

Moving over to the Banished side of things, @garrettpostart showed off a few custom variants he made of one of the Banished Brutes that appears in Halo Infinite’s screenshots. His design ideas, such as adding weathering to the Brute’s armor, look fantastic. It’s also interesting to read his notes about why he chose to make the changes he did.

@teofttweets’ piece on the Halo Infinite internet star Craig the Brute uses simple colors, close attention to facial details, and strong lighting techniques to bring the character to life in a stylized fashion. Craig is looking good!

Craig writing about his day while listening to Lofi Banished Beats from r/halo

Our second Craig-themed piece in this showcase comes courtesy of u/BFAnim. This artwork is very pleasant to look at thanks to its vibrant color palette and fun style. We’re also happy to see that Craig is enjoying writing in his diary while vibing to some lo-fi beats.

Last but certainly not least on our list is @VincentGat’s homemade Blender scene that depicts the Arbiter and Commander Sarah Palmer searching for Fireteam Osiris amidst the wreckage of a battle between the Banished and Cortana’s Prometheans. His attention to detail is stunning and the scene features some absolutely incredible lighting, models, and more. Check it out!

Your thoughts

What do you think of these pieces? I think all of them are fantastic. It’s always awesome to see artists doing what they do best, especially when it’s inspired by Halo Infinite.

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