Check out these incredible deals on gaming chairs this Black Friday

Gaming chairs are some of the best gaming accessories around because of how they make gaming more comfortable, especially for long play sessions. Luckily, there are plenty of great Black Friday deals for gaming chairs out there. Here’s a collection of our favorites.

Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals

Secretlab TITAN — Save up to $100

The Secretlab TITAN is Secretlab’s biggest and most popular gaming chair, featuring thick, comfy leather (both PU and NAPA is available) as well as tons of adjustability, a sturdy base that can stand up to hundreds of pounds without any issue, and a clean, sleek style. In addition, the back and headrest are taller than a lot of other chairs, making this seat ideal for tall folks.

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A throne fit for royalty

Secretlab TITAN (2020 Series)

Sit back and relax

The Secretlab TITAN from Secretlab’s latest 2020 Series line of chairs is absolutely incredible, offering immense comfort, tons of support, and plenty of adjustability.

Up to $100 off for Black Friday

Secretlab OMEGA — Save up to $80

The Secretlab OMEGA is a quality alternative choice to the TITAN, as it has the same cushioning, adjustability, and style, but with some reduced size. This makes it the perfect choice for people who weigh an average amount and have an average height, as the OMEGA functions as the “just right” size of Secretlab’s chairs.

The middleman

Secretlab OMEGA (2020 Series)

A seat perfect for the average gamer

The Secretlab OMEGA is perfect if you want the benefits of the Secretlab TITAN, but the TITAN’s big size isn’t quite the right fit for you.

Up to $80 off for Black Friday

Secretlab THRONE — Save up to $60

If the size of neither the TITAN nor the OMEGA is your style, you might prefer the Secretlab THRONE option instead. It, like the OMEGA, offers all of the fantastic benefits of the TITAN but at the smallest size of the bunch. For people who are on the short side or weigh less than most folks, this chair will be ideal.

This little guy gives big comfort

Secretlab THRONE (2020 Series)

Immerse yourself

The Secretlab THRONE is an excellent alternative to the other Secretlab choices, offering the same great qualities but in the smallest overall size.

Up to $60 off for Black Friday

Ficmax Gaming Chair — Save $39

Ficmax’s gaming chair is an excellent choice if your heart is set on something that has a footrest, as it offers great comfort, a nice style, and plenty of adjustability for a good price. The footrest can fold under the chair, too, allowing you to get them out of the way when not in use.

Kick your feet up

Ficmax Gaming Chair

Take a load off

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is a quality choice for folks who want a chair they can kick back in, thanks to its awesome footrest.

$39 off for Black Friday

UOMAX Gaming Chair — Save $25

This unique gaming chair is comfortable and decently adjustable, but the thing that makes it special is the fact that it has RGB lighting integrated into the back of the seat. If you’ve got an RGB-heavy setup and want a chair that adds to the fun, don’t sleep on this chair (or do; it’s comfortable enough!).

Light up the room

UOMAX Gaming Chair

RGB fun in a chair

The UOMAX Gaming Chair is comfortable and has unique RGB lighting, making it one of the more interesting chairs on sale this Black Friday.

$25 off for Black Friday

Nokaxus Gaming Chair — Save $37

Similar to the Ficmax chair, the Nokaxus seat has a footrest, and while it’s not as comfortable as the Ficmax chair overall, it does have some holes in the back of the chair that allow air to circulate around your body, which can help keep you cool. This chair will be perfect for folks who live in households that tend to get a little hot.

Let the air flow

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Cool down

This seat is an ideal pick for you if you live somewhere that gets a little hot, as the holes in the back allow for air to flow around your body.

$37 off for Black Friday

AmazonBasics Executive Office Chair — Save $33

While it isn’t technically a gaming chair, the AmazonBasics Execute Office Chair is nevertheless a well-padded, supportive seat that will serve you well while playing games. The office-oriented style means that it will look great next to most desks, too, which is something you can’t exactly say for racing-style gaming chairs.

Go with a classic look

AmazonBasics Executive Office Chair

Style from the office

This office-style chair is perfect if you’re not a fan of racing-style seats or you want something that isn’t solely designed for gaming.

$37 off for Black Friday

The Black Friday fun doesn’t end here

The gaming chairs we listed here are only a smidge of all the different things available at a discount this Black Friday. If you’re looking for other stuff, too, we highly recommend taking a look at our comprehensive Black Friday deals round-up, as anything and everything can be found there.

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