Check out these Galaxy S20 wallpapers showing the internals, X-Ray too

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If you’re fascinated by your smartphone’s internals or internal layout as much as you are about its exterior design (or more so), you’re probably going to love these new Galaxy S20 wallpapers provided by iFixit. They offer a close look at your smartphone’s internal hardware, without you having to disassemble the device and risk damaging it.The wallpapers are meant for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Granted, you can use them on virtually any Galaxy smartphone, but they consist of actual photos of the Galaxy S20 series after disassembly, and they wouldn’t match another phone’s internal layout. The wallpapers come in different flavors, including darkened ones to keep your home screen a bit cleaner, should you find the regular photos to be too distracting.Alternatively, you can also download an X-Ray version of each wallpaper. They not only have a different look but also showcase additional components buried deeper under the hood. As for an actual disassembly, you can check iFixit’s video of the Galaxy S20+ for a better idea of what’s inside your phone, and how difficult it might be to repair. Spoiler alert; it gets a fairly low repairability score.You can check their website to download these wallpapers, a few of which you can check in the gallery below. Don’t forget that we also offer tons of stock wallpapers for different Galaxy smartphones and tablets, so check the link if you prefer those.

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