Check out the trailer for Total War: Warhammer 2’s murderous new DLC

Total War: Warhammer 2 has received plentiful DLC packs, updates and expansions from Creative Assembly and that support isn’t ending yet. The next DLC, The Shadow & The Blade, has been revealed, showing the addition of Skaven Deathmaster Snikch from Clan Eshin. His target? None other than the legendary assassin Malus Darkblade of the Dark Elves. Malus isn’t alone though, as he has a bit of help from the Chaos Wastes in the form of the demon Tz’arkan. You can check out the new trailer below.

As is tradition with these DLC Lord packs, The Shadow & The Blade brings a whole host of new units for Skaven and Dark Elves players alike. Clan Eshin is added as a Skaven faction, with access to Deathmaster Snikch as a new Legendary Lord. Eshin Sorcerer heroes and Master Assassin lords are added to the Skaven ranks. Eshin Triads provide a stealthy infantry option, while Poisoned-Wind Mortar crews choke out the battlefield with toxic artillery fire. Clan Eshin can also taken on special Greater Clan Contracts, grabbing rewards in exchange for pulling off dangerous tasks.

Malus isn’t going into this without bringing some help of his own though. The Darkblade brings High Beastmaster heroes and Master lords to the table, while adding Scourgerunner Chariot war machines and Bloodwrack Medusae to the Dark Elves’ arsenal. Malus is tormented and aided by the demon Tz’arkan. If he chooses to give in to these evil whispers of carnage and slaughter, he’ll be rewarded with vast amounts of supporters and treasure. Players commanding Malus have to make a careful choice at the beginning of his campaign, since he controls Hag Graef and an expedition on the other side of the world. Giving up the city means losing a strategic position but also gaining a lot of money right at the start.

This DLC is $9 USD on Steam, though anyone who preorders it will get a 10% discount. The Shadow & The Blade is set to release on December 12, just in time for the winter holidays.

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