Check out the first images of the next-generation Eve V 2-in-1

Eve revealed details about its new Eve V, a 2-in-1 device that competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Surface Pro. People may recognize Eve and the Eve V from a crowdfunding campaign years ago to release the original Eve V. The original Eve V had issues that we’ll touch on below, but we’ll first run through the news about the next generation Eve V from an Eve forum post.

Eve shared renders of the new device, which features a 16:10 display from Sharp that utilizes IGZO technology. The 13.4-inch display supports HDR and Wacom’s AES 2.0, so you can use a pen on it. There appear to be both FHD+ and UHD+ options for the display.

Eve asked people if they preferred thin bezels or a USB-A port. Unsurprisingly, people opted for thin bezels. As a result, the next Eve V has three USB-C ports, two of which support Thunderbolt. The new Eve V doesn’t have a microSD slot but does have space for a SIM card.

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The kickstand of the new Eve V can open 170 degrees, which is more in line with newer competing 2-in-1s. The new Eve V also has front-facing speakers, including two dedicated speakers for lower frequencies.

The new Eve V will run on an Intel Tiger Lake CPU, and to keep it cool, the device will have active cooling.

All of the hardware looks good on paper, but some people will understandably have reservations about ordering anything from Eve.

The original Eve V was an intriguing concept, a crowd-sourced and crowd-funded 2-in-1 that rivals Microsoft’s Surface line. The hardware of the original Eve V left a good impression for those that got their hands on one, and a bad impression for those that never received one or had to wait through months of delays. Shipping delays, devices that never shipped, and other issues plagued the original Eve V. The company announced a new business model in July 2019, stating that these issues have been resolved, but the new Eve V will be the first PC to ship since then.

With the new business model, Eve will handle international sales on its own, and things will be backed by PCH International, which works with major brands, including Google, Fitbit, and Sonos. People interested in the new Eve V will have to either risk testing the new model themselves or wait to see if the issues have the past have truly been remedied.

Eve did not share details regarding the price of the upcoming Eve V or when the device will become available.

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