Check out the best build for Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes features a slew of different armor and weapons. While there are always specialized builds which focus on maximizing health or outputting a tremendous amount of damage, they can sometimes leave you vulnerable to the most basic attacks. We’ve been playing Remnant: From the Ashes for weeks now, and feel that using the Radiant Set with select weapons and accessories is the best all-around approach.

To get the most out of the armor and weapons, you should upgrade them to the highest level. Below, you’ll find everything you need to acquire.

Radiant Armor Set

Just like every other armor set in the game, the Radiant Armor Set comes in three pieces. You can purchase two from the Stuck Merchant in the Yaesha region of the game. He’s hard to miss. The helmet can be found usually north of him in a dungeon he directs you towards.

The Radiant Armor Set stacks critical hit damage so it’s devastating to enemies. It also offers great protection which can be supplemented with the right amulet and rings.


Since the foes in Remnant: From the Ashes frequently kill you, it’s best to equip the Ruin sniper rifle. The name is somewhat incorrect because it’s really a pulse rifle with a scope. Ruin allows you to resurrect once as a Mod Power. While it takes a while to charge it up, using it as your primary weapon should fix that.

For your secondary weapon, the starting Repeater Pistol seems like the best option. It has a high rate of fire, so if you use it with the Wildfire Mod, you can shoot up to five explosive fire projectiles again and again. This comes in handy when you’re taking on bosses, especially the final boss known as the Nightmare.


For our build, we focused on defense above all other statistics. The Twisted Idol, the Mother’s Ring, and Keeper’s Ring increase armor effectiveness and enhance elemental resistance. There are other items that reduce melee damage or help with health regeneration, but we feel that these ones offer the best protection.

If you used this build and found it helpful, let us know. With this build, we were able to single-handled defeat the final boss in Offline Mode. If you tweaked it a little to make it better, let us know too.

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