Cheapest Xbox Live Gold 12 Month codes: Where to buy in 2020

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Wondering where you can grab the cheapest Xbox Live Gold 12 month codes? Wonder no more.

Recently Microsoft stopped selling digital 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions through its own services, leading to rumors that Xbox Live Gold will get dropped. While we do think Xbox Live Gold’s multiplayer paywall will eventually go away, it probably depends on the proliferation of Xbox Game Pass, which could take a fair while.

In any case, Microsoft might not be selling Xbox Live Gold 12 month codes itself, but they are selling them to retailers and resellers. This is cheaper than buying Xbox Live Gold in increments of 3 months at a time via Microsoft’s own services, providing a fairly large discount. Buying 3-months of Xbox Live Gold costs $100 per year, whereas buying 12 months of Xbox Live Gold costs $60 per year on average, which is a fairly significant saving.

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Here are the places you can grab the cheapest Xbox Live Gold 12 month codes, digitally and physically.

Cheapest digital Xbox Live Gold codes

Amazon is typically the go-to place to find the cheapest Xbox Live Gold 12 month codes, as the firm frequently has sales and offers on picking up the codes for less. When you buy an Xbox Live Gold code from Amazon, they’ll appear in your email inbox, or via Amazon’s “Games and Software Library,” found by mousing over your account, then going to “Games and Software Library,” or by hitting this link and signing in.

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Xbox Live Gold

12-months of Xbox Live Gold

Amazon still sells digital codes for Xbox Live Gold, mailed directly to your Amazon account or email address.

For a slight discount (about 25 cents) you can grab it from CD Keys instead, but you may simply want to grab it from Amazon any way for consolidated ordering convenience. But hey, every penny counts. CD Keys might not be as well-known as Amazon, but I have used it in the past and found them to be incredibly reliable and speedy when it comes to mailing digital codes.

Cheapest physical Xbox Live Gold code cards

If you want to grab the cheapest Xbox Live Gold 12 month code on a card instead, either for gifting or simply because you don’t trust digital code sales, Best Buy is your best option.

But hey, what if you want to get it really cheap? The cheapest way by far is to get engaged with Microsoft Rewards, but building up enough points to buy a whole year’s worth is quite a chore. Still, you’ll be able to grab a free 3-months here and there, which will help bring the overall cost of Xbox Live Gold down even more.

Microsoft Rewards gives you points for engaging with its products and services. The easiest way is to simply change your search engine to Bing, across your devices, and you’ll be racking up points in no time. Head here to sign up for Microsoft Rewards, then you can grab 3-months of Xbox Live Gold for 16,000 points, although you’d need to grind a lot of searching to pick it up.

Get it with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you play a lot of games, you might consider picking up Xbox Game Pass Ultimate instead. Xbox Game Pass gives access to over a hundred games and comes with Xbox Live Gold baked in. For new subscribers, it only costs $1 for the first month. It costs $180 annually, which is roughly the same as subscribing to Xbox Game Pass ($10 per month at $120 annually) and the 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription ($60 annually), which when combined, make it among the cheapest ways to get Xbox Live Gold.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Live Gold with more games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with the $60 Xbox Live Gold subscription baked in.

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