CES 2020: ‘PopPower Home Charger’ Lets You Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone Without Removing PopGrips

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PopSockets today announced the PopPower Home Charger at CES, which is a wireless charging mat that has an indentation to fit a PopGrip. This way, PopSocket users can wirelessly charge their iPhone without having to remove the PopGrip from the back of their smartphone.
The PopPower Home Charger comes in Matte White, Mountainscape, and Cosmic Cloud, and it is Qi certified. The accessory provides up to 15 watt charging, and its LED dims in low light. The company noted that it is compatible with most PopSockets PopGrips, except any metal PopGrips or PopGrips Lips.

The PopPower Home Charger can be purchased today for $60 on PopSockets’ website.

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