Caviar uses Joaquin Phoenix to promote Joker edition of Galaxy Z Flip

Russian luxury gadget brand Caviar has never shied away from probably illegally using images to promote some of their really expensive devices. Just days after Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for his portrayal of The Joker, they’re using his awards show acceptance speech image to promote one of their newest products: the Joker / Harley Quinn edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. If you’re thinking you would want to get your hands on this special edition version, you’ll need to go to Russia and spend more than five thousand dollars.

Caviar releases ultra-expensive versions of the latest flagship devices announced in the market. Previously, they have released phones using Game of Thrones and strangely, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and even John F. Kennedy. For the dual-display clamshell device that Samsung announced last week, they released a special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip that uses images of the Joker and Queen card pair, representing The Joker and Harley Quinn.

A Caviar representative said that this is a luxury version of the device using the idea of a playing card. Aside from the cover, it is covered with 999 gold and has embossed engravings in the form of card suits. They use Double Electroplated technology to be able to decorate it this way but the artwork this time around is not so common compared to other previous Caviar devices.

There are only a limited number of these Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Joker and Harley Quinn concepts. They’ve created 54 pieces of this, similar to the number of playing cards in the classic joker deck. The chances of someone outside of Russia getting this is minimal, but you can still try by ordering it through Well, you need to have at least $5,200 to be able to get one of course.

Early reviews of the Galaxy Z Flip have been pretty good but of course, we’ll see in the long run if this is the hit that Samsung has been waiting for. We’ll also find out if there’s really a market demand for dual displays and clamshell designs.

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