Caviar pays tribute to the Apple I, the original hand-built computer, with a custom iPhone 12

Everyone today is familiar with the sleek iPhones and all-aluminum Macs, but how many remember Apple’s first product – the Apple I? The computer was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak and it has a very DIY look. Of course, back then Apple Computer Inc was headquartered in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents.

Production of the Apple I was discontinued on September 30 1977 – 43 years ago, almost to the day – so Caviar decided to celebrate the moment of Apple’s inception with special editions of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

Apple 1
Apple 1 Light

Apple 1 • Apple 1 Light

There are two options, the Apple 1 starts at $10,000 and features a titanium “screen” with “Hello, World” printed as well a piece of motherboard from the original Apple I. This is a proper piece of computing history.

The “affordable” phone of the two is the Apple 1 Light, which starts at $5,000. It has a natural wood panel back and a crooked hand-written “Apple” based on the engraving of the original computer. The green bit is a tiny piece of motherboard.

The Apple 1 phones will be available in very limited quantities – the Light version consists of 49 units while only nine Apple 1 units will be made. There were only about 200 Apple I computers produced, so a limited edition is a fitting tribute (and there aren’t that many motherboards to use as decoration).


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