Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 debuts with Smartphone Link features

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Casio is always busy with new watches. We’ll never keep track of all the lines and models but for us here in the tech community, we only care about smartwatches or watches that look tough and rugged in design and offers techie features. The PRO TREK series is one of the brand’s most popular lines. We know Casio would be adding new sensors and a heart rate monitor and now the new version is here in the form of the PRT-B50. The outdoor watch boasts an impressive Smartphone Link functionality that works with a quad sensor and the Pro Trek Connected app.

If you’re looking for a new rugged phone that has some smartwatch functions, you can consider the new Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50. It’s really more for rugged and outdoor use, thanks for the tough materials and the water resistance rating.

The Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 comes with a trio of sensors that check compass bearing, temperature, altitude, or barometric pressure. An accelerometer can also be used to count steps. You can take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity to check Smartphone Link functionality. This means the watch connects with your phone via the PRO TREK Connected app. The latter receives all your data including Route log and location. Other features of the Casio watch include a customizable mode/display, automatic altitude adjustment, Automatic time adjustment, and mobile phone finder.

The Route log is an app that records your altitude data and GPS data from the watch and smartphone, respectively. You can see how many calories you’ve burned depending on the step count and altitude data. You can save your location in the app. The customizable mode or display lets your turn watch modes on/off or change sequence.

Four times per day, you can use the automatic altitude adjustment and automatic time adjustment features. Last but not least, you can look for a missing phone with the mobile phone finder that lets you start an audible alert.

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