Carriers Offering Discounts Up to $200 to Subsidize Higher Cost of 5G iPad Pro Models

The major wireless carriers in the United States are teaming up with Apple to subsidize the cost of the new 5G iPad Pro, which debuted today. Choosing cellular over WiFi carries a $200 premium, which is more expensive than the $130 upgrade price that Apple normally charges for a cellular model.

ipad pro carrier subsidies

As noted by Bloomberg, carriers are hoping to encourage customers to purchase the new 5G tablets despite the cellular price increase through subsidies. Multiple carriers are offering up to $200 in gift cards, which makes choosing a 5G ‌iPad Pro‌ over a standard WiFi version more or less free, with the exception of monthly costs.

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all offering $200 reimbursements, while AT&T is offering $150 back. AT&T is providing credits to a monthly bill, while Verizon is offering a digital gift card. T-Mobile and Sprint are providing a gift card that can be spent like a credit card.

Carriers often offer these kinds of discounts for iPhone models, but it is unusual to see these subsidies provided for iPads.

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