Canon camera users can now back up to Google Photos over Wi-Fi

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One challenging thing for DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras is transferring and backing up photos to your computer or to the cloud. Yes, you can use cables, adapters or SD cards but they can sometimes be a bit too inconvenient. Google Photos has now announced a partnership with Canon so users of their compatible cameras will be able to automatically upload and sync their photos from their cameras to the cloud service, still in their original quality. There’s a caveat to that though as you need to be subscribed to their Google One service.

Transferring your images from your camera to the cloud is much easier if it’s done wirelessly and over Wi-Fi. While you could already do that with the app but if you’re already using Google Photos anyway, it would be easier to just back them up there rather than use another app to store and transfer them. Well, technically you still need Canon’s app but only to configure the back up to Google Photos.

Update to the latest version and then you can activate the option to automatically backup all your photos to Google Photos from your camera when you’re connected to WiFi. All of the images that will be saved will still be original quality. Then from Google Photos you can download if you need to edit something or easily delete the ones that you don’t need or you can also do minor edits from within the cloud photo service.

The main caveat here, aside from the compatibility of the camera, is that you need a Google One membership. They’re offering Canon users a one-month free trial with up to 100GB storage. family sharing, and premium support from Google experts. After that, if you intend using the back up to Google Photos, you’ll have to to pay monthly for a subscription starting at $1.99 per month for 100GB and up to $149.99 for a 30TB cloud storage.

While it’s good that Google is partnering with other brands for their Google Photos service, it seems to also be a ploy to get more people to sign up for Google One. But if you’re an active photographer and wants to save all photos in its original form, then you’ll actually want or need more storage so it would make sense to upgrade.

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