Canceled Pixel Watch still haunts Google, may still not arrive

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Google Watch Pixel Watch Concept

Earlier today, we sighted what could be the first smartwatch project of Google and Fossil after months of working together. The Fossil Collider DIANA Smartwatch series is believed to be the first product of a collaboration by the tech giant and one of the more prolific brands that release wearable devices left and right. There’s also that rumor of a Pixel Watch that would be announced together with the Pixel 4 series. At this point, we can’t tell if Google will launch its own smartwatch after many years of just releasing Android Wear OS which is now Wear OS.

We’ve been saying a Pixel Watch may be in the works. There’s that Pixel Watch patent and the idea that Google and Fossil Group are working on a new wearable smartwatch technology. The recent details somehow prove that the Pixel Watch wasn’t really part of the 2018 product lineup.

This year may be different but allow us to reminisce the time when Google was thinking of launching a smartwatch. According to Business Insider, there were plans but hardware VP Rick Osterloh (former CEO of Motorola) didn’t think the smartwatches could fit the Pixel line. No exact details have been mentioned but the watches may not really ready that time. Perhaps it wasn’t something that could beat the Apple Watch, at least, not yet.

Others are saying it would be best if Google would come up with its own wearable device. It already knows the wearable platform best. A Google Watch or Pixel Watch would be nice. It could very well be the perfect partner to a Pixel phone or even other Google-branded smart products and services.

There are people saying not to expect any ‘Made by Google’. We’re pretty unsure about the Pixel or Google Watch. We know Google could come up with one but maybe, just maybe, the market is just saturated right now that the tech giant doesn’t want to take a risk again.

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